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Here at the Global Fit Club we’re focused on providing you with anything and everything you’ve ever needed to embark and conquer your health and fitness journey. Whether you’re a beginner looking to lose a few pounds or an experienced fitness enthusiast looking to further your progress, the services we offer here will benefit all who join our community. The Global Fit Club is more than just your typical NFT project, we are starting a movement, with one goal in mind, making everyone who participates a more active and healthier version of themselves. Leveraging our various partnerships, our Global Fit Club members will have at home access on discounts and services in the health and fitness sector that aren’t available to your typical gym- goer. The outreach of our services will go far beyond just our NFT holders, while they will get exclusive benefits and services not available to the general public, non NFT holders will still be able to participate in our ecosystem through a variety of methods.


The Global Fit Club NFT will comprise of 10,000 different pieces with unique artwork. The pieces will have unique traits, a few of which will come with added benefits to their holders. Mint price and mint date have yet to be determined but more details on that and on the added benefits to be shared at a future date. For the NFT itself, it’s less about the artwork and more about the access that holding it provides you. From the moment you mint, holding our NFT will allow you access to our web portal where the you can gain access to anything you need to steer your health and fitness journey in the right direction.


Our holder exclusive web portal will be the place for our Global Fit Club members to go so that they can access all of the benefits and discounts that are provided to them.

Below is a break down of what that will look like:


  • You will have exclusive access to our classes that we have filmed in our studio with our

    Global Fit Club Trainers. The classes will be posted there and can be accessed at any time depending on when you are available to workout, and if you have a favorite, you’ll be able to take the class as many times as you want

  • If you’re worried about the classes not being suited to you, fear not! We will be offering classes for all different experience levels, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or an expert fitness enthusiast you’ll be able to find a class for you. Classes will also vary between a wide variety of categories; cardio, muscle building and toning, yoga/meditation and many more

  • Our goal is to create a comprehensive library of exercise material so that the community can have access to a wide range of classes to help them transform their bodies and their lives. Since these classes are meant for people to do in their own homes, the equipment threshold to partake in them will be very minimal, meaning you won’t need lots of equipment to participate


  • An important facet of people’s fitness journey is supplementing their diets with therequired nutrients and vitamins their bodies need to gain the muscle they want or even to lose weight. Or perhaps your body is simply deficient in a particular vitamin and you require daily supplements to maintain your bodies equilibrium.

  • We have secured a partnership with a large health and nutrition supplement company so that all of our holders can receive discounts on their supplement needs.

  • Whether you want protein or creatine to build muscles, omega-3 pills for aching joints, or you’ve researched the benefits of daily vitamin-D intake, this partnership will save you our holders lots of money over the course of your fitness journeys

  • Fitness equipment is an important part of improving your health and overall fitness.

  • While we will educate our community members on how to access the full potential of at home workouts with minimal equipment, some of you may still want that piece of equipment you’ve been coveting to improve your at home workout experience

  • We have secured a partnership with a major fitness equipment distributor to provide our holders discounts on their full array of products. Such products range from dumbbells and yoga mats, to full at home gym systems and major cardio equipment. Depending on what you’re looking for you can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars with a single purchase by holding our NFT



  • We all know that nutrition is the most important aspect of improving one’s health and

  • overall fitness. You simply cannot achieve your health goals without a proper nutrition plan. The saying “abs are made in the kitchen” doesn’t exist for no reason. That is why at the Global Fit Club we are making nutrition a core pillar of our company.

  • Our Global Fit Club team consists of a lot of high quality and highly certified individuals. One of which is a certified nutrition specialist and will be providing free nutrition advice as well as tailored plans for various people based on their dietary restrictions and overall fitness goals.

  • Through a series of videos we will explain what a healthy diet consists of and will break down how to structure your caloric intake based on the amount of fats, protein and carbs you should be eating, depending on your goals.

  • Down the line we plan for a feature for a custom tailored individual nutrition plan. Details of that to be announced at a later date

  • Safe to say we have a lot of great benefits offered to our holders from the second they mint The Global Fit Club NFT, with many more yet to come....

  • A major aspect that helps individuals maintain consistency in their workouts is by going to a gym, often with family and friends. Having this gym “community” really helps one another remain accountable and remain on track with their workouts. That is why, here at the Global Fit Club we have partnered with physical gyms to offer our holders discounts on their memberships rates. Such partners include smaller group fitness gyms such as F45, Oxygen Yoga to our larger more industrial style gym partner Fitness World.

  • Now at the moment these partnerships are limited to within Canada, where our company is located. We know the NFT community is a vast international community, which is why we are expanding these partnerships through North America, Europe and Australia with an eye on the entire globe in the future. We will announce all these new partnerships when they have been agreed to but know that this is a core focus of our company moving forward. We have provided you all with the utility to conquer your workouts at home with incredible savings, but now we want to provide you with the same savings at your local gyms in the communities that you live in.


  • Evolved from the very common phrase “play to earn”, move to earn is another phrase that is starting to gain traction in this space. A few have attempted to create economies based around this concept and have experienced some great preliminary successes thus far, however they have shown some significant risk factors for the longevity of their in-game economies. Assisted by individuals and team members with backgrounds in economics and data science, we have significantly improved on past models and are in the process of creating an economy with sustainability and longevity as its core principles. Specific details of that to come at a future date.

  • Unlike most projects, our game is already in development. Our team of experienced developers have already begun the development of our game and native in game currency. The development of a working sustainable product that will debut shortly after launch of our NFT was a top focus of our Global Fit Club team. We took the time to find the right development experience to deliver the best product to our community the likes of which include experience from a Fortune 500 company.

  • The game itself will be open to anyone and everyone that wants to participate. It will promote physical activity as well as community. While it is open to all who want to partake, our Global Fit Club NFT holders will experience significant benefits over non-holders.

  • The next phase of the Move to Earn game will be our fitness aggregator. This will connect many existing fitness applications that are used by millions worldwide and monetize them through our Global Fit Club Platform. Our aim is that this unique feature will help users see the benefits of cryptocurrencies and aid in mass adoption.

  • Further details including a specific breakdown of our game will be coming very soon....


  • The Tokenomics of our GFC token will be released at a later date but for now, here are some core aspects of GFC:

  • $GFC will have a capped supply

  • Not all tokens will be in circulation upon initial release

  • 5% token tax – (2% liquidity pool, 2% marketing wallet, 1% token burn)

  • GFC will have utility in our marketplace and can be used to purchase fitness classes (for

  • non-holders) as well as various other products offered by The Global Fit Club through its

  • partners

  • Tokens will enter circulation on a fixed vesting schedule conducive to creating and

  • achieving a stable functioning currency

  • Our Global Fit Club NFT holders will be allotted a certain number of coins per block for

  • possessing the NFT

  • Non NFT holders will be required to hold a certain number of tokens (to be determined

  • at a later date) in their wallets in order to access the game



“Some people dream of success, while other people get up every morning and make it happen.” — Wayne Huizenga


Here at the Global Fit Club we are committed to providing the best possible product to everyone who participates in our community, whether you own our NFT, play our game or simply own our currency, we get up everyday and put in the necessary work to offer you a product unlike any the NFT space has seen before. We will keep you updated on any future developments, but just know, the best is yet to come.

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