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We're transparent
because the price is fair

One time payment for a lifetime of passive income, discounts and exclusive access

Did you know?: You have full ownership of the NFT! This means that you can choose to sell it if you'd like someone else to benefit from it!


How Much Is It?

Price: 0.175 ETH

(300-500 usd)

5 Steps to Fitness Freedom,
for life!

1. sign up to be notified when the sale is live

2. Buy Global Fit Club NFT

3. Get access to gyms and discounts on anything fitness related in person & Online

4. Earn monthly income deposited into your wallet just for Holding NFT

5. Play our move to earn game and earn real money for your workouts to fund your fitness journey

Signup for the sale is completely Free!


Congratulations! You will receive an email notification once our Sale is live.


Who are we?
How does it work?

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